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Corona-tips for businesses

The corporate corona rules are an overview of measures, recommendations and rules for companies from the state, employers ‘and employees’ organizations, trade associations and others. UN Global Compact Norway has organized the corona rules for companies according to the sustainability goals and based directly on the sub-goals.

Tip #1

Follow the government’s rules for layoffs and remind employees to apply for unemployment benefits.

See the websites of NAV, NHO and Virke.

Tip #2

Check the government’s advice to switch to take-away, avoid queuing and hoarding.

Check advice for the retail trade from the Directorate of Health and advice from the Food Safety Authority for places to eat.

Tip #3

Contribute with infection control equipment and health personnel.

See Hospital Purchase and Oslo Municipality . More info from Hospital Purchase for equipment suppliers . Register in the Directorate of Health’s register of available human resources , if you are not already working in a hospital or in the health and care services in the municipality.

Tip #4

Receive practice students digitally and check support schemes for further training of employees.

Try to make it possible for students and apprentices to get the experience they need now, via the web. More info for students on extended search deadline and extra scholarship due. korona at See new support schemes for further training of employees.

Tip #5

Check the government’s advice to switch to take-away, avoid queuing and hoarding.

Check advice for the retail trade from the Directorate of Health and advice from the Food Safety Authority for places to eat.

Tip #6

Use soap and hand spirit and follow updated store and production guidelines.

Follow the government’s updated requirements and recommendations for the population and businesses .

Tip #7

Follow key corona defenses and laws for the power industry.

NVE now receives questions from many power suppliers in Norway and has collected information on .

Tip #8

Follow the Work Environment Act, work closely with the unions and check measures packages for business and industry.

See LO and Labor Inspection koronaråd on and , and more about the packages of measures for businesses at Innovation Norway , NHO and Finance Norway . Vacant jobs on NAV’s pages .

Tip #9

Perform events digitally instead of canceling. Check opportunities for start-ups.

Digital is the new normal. Check out Norway’s best calendar for digital events on sustainability and business. Check out opportunities for start-ups and digital corona hacking at .

Tip #10

Show extra care for colleagues from other countries and colleagues abroad.

Check the travel tips of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

Tip #11

Support local business and be flexible.

Look at opportunities to postpone rent and expenses. Check out new platforms that highlight businesses and activities in your community: , , .

Tip #12

Use and support recycling companies in times of crisis.

The new Good news platform has just been launched, highlighting recycling and recycling stores.

Tip #13

Set science-based climate goals for your business if you now have some time left.

Check .

Tip #14

Follow the consequences and action packages for the maritime sector.

The maritime industry is among the industries hardest hit by corona. Check the latest report on the corona’s impact on the export industry from Eksportkreditt and the latest news on maritime action packages on the Shipowners’ Association and Seafood Norway .

Tip #15

Avoid wild animal turnover and follow action packages for agriculture and forestry.

More info on the corona virus, bats and China’s new ban on the sale of wild animals . See and for stimulus packages.

Tip #16

Support employees and their children, living in vulnerable life situations.

Support employees in the risk group and see the help phones related to employees living in vulnerable life situations.

Tip #17

Support the UN’s global push and the world’s common fight against corona.

Support the World Health Organization’s work against COVID19, if the company has the opportunity. See . In Norway, you or your company can support the Red Cross .

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